Industrial Groups

Our Board of Directors (BOD) is working to develop various groups within the membership of ISM-Fort Worth that work in the same basic industry.  Supply Chain Mangement is as diverse as the various industries that have purchasing and supply chain management professionals supporting their business.  Here are examples of some of the various industrial groups that may be formed.

Oil & Gas

These are just a few examples.  Our BOD is working on placing each member in a suggested industrial group but each member will have the opportunity to choose their industrial group or groups.  After the groups are formed then each group can network and exchange best practices that directly apply to their industry.

Look for the formation of these groups to begin in this fall, 2017.

Please contact one of the ISM-Fort Worth Board of Director members (click on "About Us" then "Leadership") if there is interest to form a specific industrial group.

Thank you,

Steve Ballenger, CPSM