Higher Expectations from Customers

No matter who is your customer (and we all have customers) there are some critical things to remember, even when the customer seems unreasonable.  Rob Siefker with Zappos, Kevin Scanlon with EMC, and Patrick Gibbons with Walker Information explained to the Wall Street Journal the following highlighting how the experience of the purchase or interaction was just as important as the product.

What Matters Most to People Right Now
“When it comes to being competitive in the market, companies can no longer tout the best product or the best price,” Gibbons says.
“Quality is a foregone conclusion,” Scanlon says. “It’s expected that if you plug it in, it should work. What people want is to understand how what they purchase brings business value while simplifying their lives.”
“Think Starbucks, Apple, or Zappos,” Gibbons says, referencing companies that deliver an experience that is unique and effective so every customer becomes a return customer. “People don’t choose these companies solely for their products. They choose them for the experience.”
When striving to meet customer expectations, Siefker offers this piece of advice: “Commit to what you stand for in terms of the experience you want to provide. Build a great team. Give your people the power to do the right thing for your company.”
“Get close to your customers,” Scanlon says. “Put yourself in their shoes.”

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