ISM-Fort Worth October Membership Meeting

October 04, 2016
5:30 PM to 8:30 PM
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Petroleum Club of Fort Worth
777 Main Street (40th Floor)
Fort Worth, TX 76102

As a famous singer once sang, "Times, they are a changin."  In case you may not have noticed, our society and culture is not only changing but at an increasing rate which in technical terms is called acceleration!  Our local supply management association, ISM-Fort Worth, is not any different.  With the transition from a Baby Boomer dominated workplace to one increasingly populated with Gen-X and Millineal co-workers, the style of work, preferences, and knowledge of business processes are changing. 

Considering this transition and the opportunities that are available, we want to discuss, question, brainstorm, vocalize concerns, and try to gather the various perspectives of what the "Value Proposition" for ISM-Fort Worth should be going forward.  As a member of ISM-Fort Worth, this meeting will be primarily focused on getting YOUR input concerning how our association can best meet YOUR professional and career growth needs.  As you know, VALUE is made up of two components - Cost vs. Benefit.  We will address the cost part of the value proposition and then move quickly into an open discussion of what the benefit should look like.

Understanding that this meeting will be a very critical membership "VALUE" building meeting, we will NOT be charging for this meeting or the meal but would request that registration be made as normally done for a dinner meeting. 

Every member of ISM-Fort Worth should try to attend this meeting so that your voice can be heard and the leadership can understand how to best serve each member of ISM-Fort Worth!

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