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Executive Director's Message

Looking back on my twenty-something years of involvement with ISM-Fort Worth, I have made several close friends and been able to network with hundreds of people that I would not have met otherwise.  I have also had the opportunity to serve in several associational leadership positions that helped to refine confidence, patience, and discernment.  I reflect on these expreriences to express my concern with the association's future.  It seems that over the past few years that interest in profesional associations has decreased dramatically.  Is it that the associations have lost touch with a new generation?  Is it that life is moving so fast that time for networking, education, and volunteer leadership has taken a back seat?  What should a professional association offer to it's members so that they will find value in membership?

To put it bluntly after over 100 years of supporting professionals in the fields of Purchasing and Supply Management, ISM-Fort Worth is on the edge of folding.  It's not a financial issue but generally a lack of member involvement and willingness to serve in leadership.  

After 30 years of working in purchasing and supply management, I believe there is still a need for professionals young and old to come together to meet with other professinals, trade ideas, get education, learn about new opportunities, volunteer in leadership, and just make new friends. 

So, how does ISM-Fort Worth best provide the value that meets this perceived need?  We need your input to let us know what is important to each of you so that a desire to participate in meeting, netwworking, learning, and serving in leadership is able to get planted and grow.

You will see several short surveys in the near future.  Please take time to complete them so that we can get the association healthy and thriving again.

Thank you,

Steve Ballenger, CPSM



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Calendar of Events

Thursday - January 24th - A joint meeting wiith other professionals from CSCMP and ISM-Dallas.  The topic of the meeting will be tariffs and the effect this changing international scene on supply chains.  See the event notice for registration on our home page.

Tuesday - February 5th - An associational meeting with our guest speaker Rick Burnett who will be discussing job hunting and building your personal brand.  A new wonderful location at the City Club in downtown Fort Worth, dinner, and best of all attendance is FREE!  Check it out and register from the home page.

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